Version 6.1 Release Notes

Several new features were added in the LearningCart Version 6.1 update released on 4.14.16

Captcha Text

Entry of the Captcha text when logging into the LC Admin is now disabled until 3 failed login attempts are made.

Quiz Results Report

The Quiz Results report has been added to provide detailed quiz responses.

To access the Report using the left navigation bar select Reports, Quiz Response Report.

On the Quiz Response Report page, click the drop down box to select the Quiz to report on.
Enter the Quiz Submission date range and click the Search button.

The total number of selections for each answer in the submission date range selected will display.

Customer Quiz Responses

The user transcript now includes a link to "view responses" which displays quiz responses captured for the specified user. When multiple quiz attempts are made, the responses will be added to the total for each question.

To view the Customer Quiz responses, using the left navigation bar select Manage Users, Manage Customers

On the Manage Customers page, search for the Customer and click the Details link in the results list.

On the Customer Details page click the Customer Transcript tab.

Locate the quiz module and click the View Responses link to the right of the item.

The Quiz Results report will display for that specific customer and quiz.

Tool Tips

Tool tips have been added to the Manage Reports and Manage Users pages.
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