Version 8.5 - Release Notes

Version 8.5 Updates

· An updated Admin Interface is now available which includes updates to buttons, labels & styles along with workflow improvements particularly under the Training section.

· A major update in the new Navigation layout is the ability to select a Course and view or edit all the associated Modules and Products on a single page. On the Admin Dashboard, select Learn More from the “How Do I” section and click the Use New Style option to view these changes.

· When the Use New Style option is selected, updated left navigation selections will display:
Under the Training menu the selections are:
o Manage Courses – Course settings, associated modules & associated products can all be added/edited or removed from this page.
o Content & Settings – This page provides access to all content (Courses, Modules, Quizzes, Forms, Badges & Point Messages) from one central location.
o Manage Certificates

· An Export Customer Data link has been added to the Customer Details page. Clicking this link downloads a zip file containing all the stored Customer data in CSV format.

The zip file includes:
- CMI Data
- Order Data
- Profile Data
- Quiz Results
- Transcript information

· Pay Simple is now available as a payment gateway. To learn more about Pay Simple – click here

· The Add Discount and List Discount pages have been consolidated.

· Order Totals can now be edited via the Edit button on the Order details page. These changes will appear on the purchase report but will still need to be processed manually via the payment gateway. These changes will not affect access to online or onsite courses. An email address can be set via the Site Variables for automatic notification of any changes to the Orders.

· The Purchase Report has been updated to include a checkbox for filtering of Refunds/Changes only.

· Admins can now mark a Quiz as completed on the Customer Detail page.

· Functionality has been added to allow the use of Username rather than email address when logging in or creating an account. The functionality can be activated via Site Variables. Contact LearningCart for more information on using this feature as additional updates may be needed to implement this on your site.

· Functionality has been added to allow immediate access to products purchased via Purchase Order. A new status of Purchase Order – Access Granted is used. This function can be implemented via the Site Variable - AutoGrantAccessToPurchaseOrders

· Functionality has been added to restrict Instructors access to edit only in person event scores & completion dates. This function can be implemented via the Site Variable - InstructorOnlyEditInPersonEvents

· The Manage Instructor functionality has been updated:
o When an instructor is set up permissions can be set to include Products that the instructor can schedule on their own. The new product price/event will be available for purchase immediately after the instructor adds the item.
o A downloadable list of all assigned instances/events can be accessed via the Assigned Instances link for each instructor.
Creation date: 4/30/2018 2:42 PM     Updated: 5/1/2018 3:35 PM