How do I set up my sub-portal?

In LearningCart, a sub-portal is managed from your main site Admin for speed and ease of use. The initial set up is handled by the LearningCart team.

Your customers access the sub-portal via a direct url that you provide. Customer accounts created on the sub-portal will include group membership for the sub-portal.

Content Pages:
Once your sub-portal has been created, you will need to add content and products to the site.
To add a content page to your sub-portal, you must first select the sub-portal using the dropdown selector at the top of the page.

Once you’ve selected the sub-portal, the remaining steps are the same as with your standard site.
Read more about adding content here

To add products to your site, you must first select the sub-portal on the Add (or Edit) products page.

You can view information for specific sub-portals using the Group selection on reports. Just select the specific sites you want to filter the reports for.

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