How can I invoice my Customer?

LearningCart allows you to invoice your customer using the Place Customer Order feature.

As an Administrator when completing an order using the Place Customer Order feature, you will now see a Save as Invoice button.

When you click the Save as Invoice button the customer will immediately have access to the product content purchased.

The order will not be marked as Complete until the customer pays for it by visiting their Order History/Invoices page or, by navigating directly to the link shown on the page.

Once the order is paid, the status will automatically update to New/Processed.

An Order Confirmation email will not be sent until the Invoice is paid and the Status is updated to New/Processed. If you want to send an Invoice confirmation you can use the “Resend Order Confirmation” email function to send an email confirmation – with an Order Status of Invoice to the customer.

For instructions on how to resend the Order Confirmation click here
Creation date: 5/1/2017 4:31 PM     Updated: 5/25/2018 4:05 PM