How can I use the Gamification features?

Gamification is the approach of integrating game components into a site to increase customer participation, engagement and loyalty. LearningCart’s gamification features include:

Points – Assign points to be awarded for several different actions:
Logging in each day
Completing a Module
Completing a Quiz

The LeaderboardOn the My Account page, Customers can click the Leaderboard icon to view where they stand in comparison to other registered users for total number of points achieved. This can be used to (for example) – drive users to purchase and complete specific courses and potentially win awards/discounts etc.

Custom Points Messages
Custom messages can be created to display upon achievement of a specific range of points and for a specific date range. This feature can be used to motivate your customers to earn additional points and achieve a discount or other award. Custom messages will display on the users My Account page at the top of the page.

To implement a Leaderboard display for your customers be sure the Gamification feature is selected. You must also check the "Group" highscore board for the groups that will view a Leaderboard. (including the default group)
For more information on Gamification features please review the online help here

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