Version 8 - Release Notes

Dashboard & General Site Updates
Activity History:
System will now track all changes made by administrators. Activity history is available when a use logs in and can be retrieved for each Admin account from the Manage Users > Manage Admins screen.

Improved Help:
Admin pages now contain a "Read More" link that administrators can click to view context specific help documentation.

Time Zones:
The time zone can now be set for the site.

Add button placement:
The 'add' buttons on the Manage Products, Manage Modules, Manage Courses and Manage Quizzes pages have been moved to the top of the page for ease of use when adding items.

Gamification Functionality:
Gamification functionality has been added. This includes a Leaderboard display, Customized messaging, and the ability to assign points for logging in, course completion and quiz completion.

Informational Messages:
Several new informational messages have been added. These messages include notification if a product does not include categories or prices or an image, if a module is not associated with a course or product and if a course is not associated with a product or module.

Browse & Edit:
The Browse & Edit feature allows the Admin to edit the Customer facing site directly on the page. Editable areas include Navigation, Page Fragments, Calendar, Product Subcategory & Detail pages, Blog posts, Courses, Quizzes and Forms

Storefront Updates
Product Prices:
Several new features have been added to the Product Price page. These include the ability to set Group pricing, automatically assign a Group upon purchase of a product price as well as updates to the format of the product pricing page.

Calendar invitations on Products with start & end dates
A new feature has been added to automatically generate calendar invitations for product prices that have start and end dates entered. A location will be specified on the calendar invitation if an address & city are entered in the price details. The calendar invitation will be attached to the order confirmation email.

Ability to specify the minimum order amount for discounts:
A minimum order amount is now available when creating a discount code. If an amount is entered in this field the discount code will only be applicable if the minimum order amount is met or exceeded.

Content Updates
Calendar event import :
A Bulk add events feature has been added to allow the import of multiple events in a batch.

Restrict access to a Blog entry:
A new feature has been added to specify access to view blog entries based on purchase of a specific product or group membership.

Editor Improvements
The editor has been improved throughout the system to support things such as copying/pasting images directory, or improving the formating of pasted text.

Redirect Feature

Administrators can now configure page redirects so friendly URLs can easily be created in the system and redirected to specific LearningCart pages.

Report Updates
New Reports:
A Registration Code report has been added. This report allows you to filter and view the details of Registration codes purchased and sent to users.

An Active Users report has been added. This report allows you to filter by date and view active users for that date range. An active user is one who has logged in and made a purchase or accessed a course during the date range.

Course Updates
Badges can be created and added to courses. When a badge is added to a course the badge will appear upon successful completion of the course similar to the certificate functionality.

New Module types:
Two new module types are available – HTML Content Modules and Upload File Modules.

Quiz Question Pools:
Creation of a pool of questions that will be randomly presented to the user on a quiz has now been added.

Certificate Templates:
A new Certificate Template with embedded links to the certificate help page has been added.

One Click from Module Create to Product feature:
When adding a Module, the ability to click a link and create a Product which will include that Module.

Customer Site Updates
Public Profile:
Users will have a public profile now they can share with people that will show their badges and any external training records they have added.

Instructor Support:
Upon login to their account, an instructor user will see an Instructor View button that will display assigned events and allow access to a roster and the ability to mark students as completed.

Certificate Access:
Group administrators are now able to view/access Completion Certificates for assigned users.

User Updates
User Activity History:
Registered User Activity on your site is now tracked and available for review through the View User Activity function on the Customer Details page. This can be helpful in troubleshooting issues or questions from your customers.

User Login History:
User Login Activity on the site is now tracked and available for review through the view User Login History function.

Completion Date for SCORM modules:
The Completion Date for SCORM Modules can now be updated through the LearningCart Admin.

Assign product to a customer:
A new feature allows you to assign products (at no charge) to a customer. An order will be completed at zero dollars for the customer. The payment type will display "Import". The customer will also receive an order confirmation email.

Instructor Support:
The ability to identify a user as an Instructor, and assign that Instructor to specific events is now available.

Admin Activity History:
Admin activity history is now tracked and available for review through the View Admin Activity History function.

Admin Profile page changes:
- All permissions now enabled by default
- Hide/show permissions button added for advanced users

LMS & Back End Updates
New LMS Settings added:
- Options for LMS to ignore time passed back by course and manually track time.
- Option for LMS to automatically commit user progress every 30 seconds.
- LMS engine can support specification of Mastery score in the Scorm manifest to control completion.

Admin Interface Improvements:
Various UI and performance updates have been made to the Admin interface.
Creation date: 2/10/2017 11:49 AM     Updated: 7/31/2017 4:13 PM